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Akai S1000 16GB Internal SCSI Hard Drive for Akai S1000 Sampler

Akai S1000 16GB Internal SCSI Hard Drive for Akai S1000 Sampler
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16 GB Internal SCSI Hard Drive for Akai S1000

       Internal SCSI Hard Drive

Silence, minimum electricity consumption, no physical drive motor like old SCSI hard drives- will not broke.

More like Plug & Play :)
Ready solution: put the memory card inside the adapter, connect the SCSI adapter to your 50 pin SCSI port  and turn on, that is it!

Important point is; this internal SCSI adapter already set up and configured for your Sampler!

be informed:
this listing has 3 different options for ordering. please choose best option for you.
DOES NOT include sampler or synthesizer

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