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Dear friends,

We do not sell software.
We  provide a service that takes software that is classified as “abandonware” or freeware
that is easily and readily available for download from the Internet
and We write it to a disk- usb-sd or microsd card for you.
In some cases, we prepare or compile them as bundle.
For Some of Licenced items, we have only couples,
and we are selling our own copies.

-> for ordering, please submit us an Order Form regarding your order
(with item link) just for double checking and speed up the handling - shipping process.
-> If you want to make an order custom or similar item, please give max details
about order and your computer configuration,
you can also share with us  our  similar item's link.
-> When you order a "Download item", it could be different capacity than listings,
since we may shrink the image file for easier download.
-> Download items come with "instruction howto"
-> We may send different brand memory cards what we have at that moment.
(in most cases we ship our own amigapple brand memory cards)
-> We may send different brands SCSI- IDE adapters, different types
but same capacity and functionality. All will work perfectly.
-> If you buy "Download item", ( especially for macintosh-next-pc computers SCSI & IDE adapters)
you will get instruction,"how to flash them to memory cards",
but configuration part of these memory cards for your SCSI or IDE hard drive adapters
is your responsibity
.(or we can sell configuration files for some extra payment)

-> We accept returns*.
If any problem any question, just contact us, we will resolve it!

if you have any issue about item that you purchased, please visit our Help Desk Page

Under what circumstances do We accept returns?*

Product is damaged or defective.

Product is not as described.

What is our timeframe for returns?*

30 days.

What kind of refund do we offer?

Full refund and/or Partial refund
Depends on the solution with buyer.

When can customers expect a refund?*

Immediately ,
After receiving back the item or
for the partial refund, immediately after solution with buyer.

What happens if my purchase get lost in shipping?
(no update on postal tracking number for 90 days)

-if item get lost on the way in our country, we resend the item; it is our responsibity.
-if item get lost on the way in buyer's country, we are not responsible for this part.
-if item get lost on the twilight zone: shipped from our country but havent arrived to buyer's country;
we get %50 responsibity.
for all variants, please contact us, we will find a way :)

if you still have a question, please Submit us a Contact form


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