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We are planning to add here some mini programs (games-softwares) which is written in AMOS for your amiga:)
We are also planning to add some configuration details about scsi2sd - macintosh, linux and amiga...

Would you like to be part of it:)

just send an email here:


Some usefull firmware updating hints:
I recently had to replace my Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with another Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB). When I put my Card which i bought you into the new one and it gave me an error at the boot loader screen.
start4.elf is not compatible. This board requires newer software.
The fix is very simple. Prepare a new microSD card with the latest version of RetroPie. Download here:
flash it to your microsd card, instructions & tools are here:

From the partition labeled "boot", copy all the files "fixup*.dat" and "start*.elf". Then, plug in your new  RetroPie microSD card to raspberry pi and boot it.
It might take a minute (literally!) and show you a black screen but soon enough you should see your old RetroPie installation load up. Don't forget to update from the RetroPie Setup Script!
after finishing you can shutdown.
if you bought an image file for pi4 from me, and if your board demands newer firmware,
prepare an another microsd card with Newest Retropie ( as mentioned up), then copy from retropie/boot partion the files fixup*.dat and start*.elf to microsdcard that you bought from me and boot the card. wait till firmware update.

in other words,
for example you bought a macintosh system 7 image from me.
all you need to do is flash a fresh retropie image to another card.
then, now you have 2 flashed cards;
one card with macos7 image ,
other is with retropie.
you need to put your retropie card into pc-windows. on the "boot" part, you will see the files fixup*.dat and start*.elf
copy them to your desktop.
remove the retropie card,
put the macos7 card in to the pc-windows card slot.
copy the files fixup*.dat and start*.elf from desktop to the "boot" part on macos 7 card.
after that, remove card, put it  to pi 4 and boot the pi4.
wait until all updates. it may get black screen for a while.
after a while , just reboot the card.
that is it.
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