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Dear friends,
Here you will find our blog about our distros & items :)

Latest AGS version 2.6 version released!!
Latest AGS version 2.6 version released!!
Thursday, May 09, 2024
Latest AGS version 2.6 version released!!

thanks to creators, amiga community get the newest version of AGS!!

check here:

please be informed, we are providing only SD card writing service and direct download service from our server for amigans who do not want to use torrent or any other download methods.

latest distros
latest distros
Sunday, April 07, 2024
we have worked a lot this year.

latest pimiga was released, thanks to builders,
we have ported it to pistorm( the lite version)
also added to pimiga 4 newest +8 OSes including amibian, os 3.2.2, coffinos and classic WB

we have launched a new amiga distro:
amiga windows laucher
your direct amiga from windows. just download &install our bundle to your computer> double click it and run full screen amiga os. it comes with a lot of choices.

we have also run a new unix project for a3000 and amiga os 4.1
ready to use, image files . comes with instructions.

dont for get to check multiboot amigaOs for pistorm!!

and last of all , latest os coffinos r63.
we have ported ot pistorm and windows amiga launcher also :)

amigApple Windows Launcher //
amigApple Windows Launcher //
Sunday, February 11, 2024
totally new Amiga Item:)

we have designed new amiga distro for Windows Computers;
no need any configuration, BIOS conf or any other flashing works. plug&play,
just install into the windows and run the amigapple_Launcher file. your amiga will boot automatically.
amigApple Windows Launcher section.

we use the winuae port and have programmed new modules for it. also we have programmed a handy Launcher :)

another big update :)
Sunday, January 07, 2024

we renewed our MACINTOSH page fully.
created for all macintosh different page>different items.
we have recieved a lot of feedbacks that; for macintosh items, it is hard to find the distros also.
so we recategorized macintosh catalogue :)
now you can easly find for macintosh solutions!!!


Coffin OS on PISTORM:)
Coffin OS on PISTORM:)
Friday, January 05, 2024

we have added very interesting distro on our collection:

coffin os for pistorm.
works with amiga 500-600-1000-1200-1500-2000.

works via hdmi port.

please check here

newest distros > beginning of 2024>>
newest distros > beginning of 2024>>
Tuesday, January 02, 2024

newest items from>

next computer emulation project:
all nextsteps in one bundle for windows, linux and macintosh:)
check here:

tsr80 emulation
All in one:
tsr80 for Windows, Raspberry pi, Macos and Linux
check here:

a500mini latest workbench with whdload titles with quake
check here:

Amiga For MISTer, latest workbench with whdload titles
check here:

Amiga ExclusiveAGS 16GB FULL Whdload 5134 Games
Full Amiga Game Selection>>
for a500mini,rpi, retroarch, windows and real amiga :)

biggest update on our site:)
biggest update on our site:)
Saturday, December 23, 2023

we renewed our AMIGA page fully.
created for all amigas different page>different items.
we have recieved a lot of feedbacks that; for amiga items, it is hard to find the distros.
so we recategorized amiga catalogue :)
now you can easly find for amiga solutions!!!


new distros for bluescsi and a500mini
new distros for bluescsi and a500mini
Thursday, October 19, 2023


we are working on new distors;

bluescsi v2:
we are updating our images for bluescsi v2 version.
as you know, we have 1gb, 2gb, 4gb and 8gb bluescsi versions.

in a month newer versions will be ready. :D

a500mini :
we are working on workbench editions for a500 mini kit:
totally new designs, new versions. in 40-45 days , they will be ready.
you will like them a lot :D

Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Newest commodore OS.
comes with mouse support, for SD2IEC, IDE64 and Vice emulators.
perfect one:

Commodore OS Deluxe Hard Drive for SD2IEC, IDE64 2GB Download Version edition games apps ready to play.

only digital item:)

our latest Atari ST image with full of games apps :)
our latest Atari ST image with full of games apps :)
Friday, September 08, 2023
if you are atari enthusiast, dont miss it.
now hard drive image with full of games apps!!
works with ultrasatan and other ST adapters :)

some minor chages on our amigapple guestbook and amigapple helpdesk
some minor chages on our amigapple guestbook and amigapple helpdesk
Wednesday, June 14, 2023

we have updated the codes for our funny guestbook ( and helpdesk ( pages.
corrected some minor bugs.
now they are -mostlike - brandnew :)
dont forget to check...

New Pistorm Distros!!
New Pistorm Distros!!
Monday, May 01, 2023
newest pistorm relase>>

for A500-A600-A1000-A1200-2000 :)

We added special games like Quake, DukeNukem3D

it has also emulators for other Computers:)

check here:
and here:
we have installed full WHDLoad titles with Igame for you to play all the games

Be our Tester:)
Be our Tester:)
Saturday, April 22, 2023
We opened an option for testing our distros:

when we prepare a distro; usually we ask our friends to be tester for them:)

if you want to be part of it, please inform us

another new amiga Distro : Amitosh
another new amiga Distro : Amitosh
Sunday, April 16, 2023
Amiga0S for A1200 A4000 128GB WhdLoad
Full Mac0S 7.0-7.1-7.5.3-7.5.5-7.6.1 updated for ks3.2.2

Amiga0S3.9 for A1200 A4000 128GB CF Card Deluxe WhdLoad Titles with:
-Mac0S 7.0
-Mac0S 7.1
-Mac0S 7.5.3
-Mac0S 7.5.5
-Mac0S 7.6.1

works both on kickstart 3.1 and 3.2
comes with Amitosh Mac0S  Emulation on Amiga:
6 macintosh hard drive image,
2gb Macos 7.0, 4gb Macos7.1, 4gb Macos7.5.3, 4gb Macos7.5.5, 4gb Macos7.6.1 and full of 4gb games apps Storage part.

We especially designed it for Macintosh using.
but beside Macintosh,
it includes Atari, C64, ZXspectrum, CPC, Apple 2000, NES_MAstergear and more:)

Macintosh Plus Se SE30 Classic ClassicII Data transfer kit For MAC-PcWindows
Macintosh Plus Se SE30 Classic ClassicII Data transfer kit For MAC-PcWindows
Tuesday, April 11, 2023
Proudly announce our newest item:

Macintosh Plus, Classic, II, SE, SE30 Full Data Transfer Kit for PC-WINDOWS-MAC

if you have macintosh plusse, se-30, classic, classic II, II, color classic or like these models macintosh, you can easly transfer your data from yoru Vintage Macinstosh to Modern Computer or vice versa

with this Full Kit you can finally transfer the programs that you find on the internet  for your vintage Macintosh, directly from PC / Mac to your beloved vintage Macintosh! -or, if you have DATA in your Vintage Macintosh like files, texts or diary; easily transfer your files to directly PC / Mac.

perfect solution :))

We have ported the lates amiga os 3.2.1 for Raspberry Pi 4-400)
We have ported the lates amiga os 3.2.1 for Raspberry Pi 4-400)
Wednesday, February 15, 2023
do you want to use lates amiga os 3.2.1 on pi 4 400?
check here:

includes full wdhload games, works smoothly)

We have ported latest pimiga for PcMiga>>
We have ported latest pimiga for PcMiga>>
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
check the latest pcmiga for modern PC computers!!
thanks to Chris, we were able to port it for PC computers

Quick update about pimiga distro
Quick update about pimiga distro
Tuesday, December 13, 2022

please be informed:
"all the pimiga distros come with amiga kickstart rom inside which  is bought freshly upon your order. we are ready to provide screenshot of order upon your request"

so, when you make order, we buy everytime a new kickstart rom from cloanto :)

pimiga 3.0 released!!
pimiga 3.0 released!!
Saturday, December 10, 2022

thanks to Chris Edwards,
pimiga 3.0 released:)
amiga is already a modern computer!!

you can find it in our pimiga section:

just a quick remind:)
We  provide a service that takes software that is classified as “abandonware” or freeware
that is easily and readily available for download from the Internet
and We write it to a disk- usb-sd or microsd card for you.

amiga distro for programmers!!
amiga distro for programmers!!
Monday, December 05, 2022
we have new distro for amiga programmers:

we added here amiga AMOS programmer & compiler!!
dont miss it :)

amigApple Help Desk/>
amigApple Help Desk/>
Sunday, November 27, 2022

while finishing 2022, we added new function to our webstore:
Help Desk Page :)

thanks again to Klemen for scripts!

easy to open, to use & follow the Tickets:)

great work for us, check here:

amigApple Cloud Service
amigApple Cloud Service
Friday, November 25, 2022

we started to use our cloud service, Hooray!!
all tested are finished, ( thanks to testers:)
we based it on great apache2 server and run it on Raspberry Pi rack.💂
check here:
we have been using it for 6 months already for our digital deliveries. but we were not ready for fully release. latest minor issues also resolved. so we are ready now:)
we tried to designed as simple as we can, for fastest speed of use;
-file sharing
-photos and many more.

if interested, please contact us:

Amiga 600 Monster edition Whdload))
Amiga 600 Monster edition Whdload))
Sunday, November 06, 2022

one of our lates items:
#monsteredition #amiga600whdloadtitles
we have fulled it with gmaes, demos, magazines.
tons of data:)
we enjoyed it very much while preparing!!

Which Amiga Distro is my favorite for Raspberry Pi :)
Which Amiga Distro is my favorite for Raspberry Pi :)
Monday, October 17, 2022

we have amiga for Pi distros here:

my most favorite one is amibian for pi 400:
smooth one. i feel comfortable with it when i use.Pi is running the brilliant Amiga emulator software. Awesome:)(for me)

but this one also is very interesting:

tested all:) distros on planet. but i think best one is Amibian for Pi400 )))

what is happening with our guestbook :)
what is happening with our guestbook :)
Saturday, September 24, 2022
everything was started with our great web designer once decided to add an old retro style guestbook to our web page:)

we did not know that it will be a tough challange.
main issue was spam:
at first , we tried to make our own php script.

with script everything was ok. but with google rechapcha v2, we were not able to make it work correctly somehow.
we really dig in deaper but nope: google recapcha was accepting every spam :)
so, it was something we were receiving them in every one minute.
then, we decided to make it with outsourcing sites for a while.
after a while, we did not like this idea. so, looked for ready free scripts:)
at last we found one (thanks to Klemen) and added to our website for testing.
now we are testing it for spamming issues. hope we will handle it :)

another handy tool for Macintosh :)
another handy tool for Macintosh :)
Thursday, September 01, 2022
Right-angle DB25 adapter Macintosh external scsi adapter>

i have macintosh plus, macintosh classic and classic II.
i could not use my external scsi2sd harddrive adapter because of no space on the back side of my macintosh.

this adapter was saved me:)
very practical one, easy to use. no need any extra space at the back side of your macintosh!
check here:

very handy tool for Macintosh :)
very handy tool for Macintosh :)
Monday, August 29, 2022

today, i would like to introduce an adapter: one of our production, a SCSI adapter for scsi2sd adapters.

the advantage of this product is, you can use your "internal macintosh replacement scsi2sd hard drive" as external hard drive.(Right-angle DB25 adapter for Macintosh internal to external scsi adapter scsi2sd)

we produce it under our brand, i havent seen an adapter selling on ebay or other platforms like this. very useful, i am also using it with my classic II :)
please check here:

GEOS OS for commodore 64
GEOS OS for commodore 64
Monday, August 01, 2022
Before Workbench, there was Geos OS for Commodore :)
interesting experience. comes with amiga whdload games,
preparing was not easy :)
you can use these roms with commodore emulators also. use your mouse,run applications, please check out here:

Macintosh OS 7.6.1 with SCSI and IDE adapter option
Macintosh OS 7.6.1 with SCSI and IDE adapter option
Saturday, July 23, 2022
My favorite MacOS is 7.6.1
it is between 68k and power mac.
so it works like a bridge between 2 generations. you can easly transfer files between 2 systems.
i prepared a ready image file hard drive 32gb, 64gb, 128gb, 256gb.
but macintosh has refused to accept 512gb option:)
filled it with games apps. perfectly fits for MACs with IDE and SCSI hard drives, please check here:

Amibian Linux OS Amiga
Amibian Linux OS Amiga
Wednesday, July 20, 2022
Amibian is a not only an Amiga Emulation distro for RPI, but also an OS.
it is very smooth Linux OS, uses best options it.
usefull, with wifi, with modern browsers.
it also has full of amiga emulators including Amibian.
i am using it with daily use.
please check here:

Amibian 1.5 ver extended for Raspberry Pi400
Amibian 1.5 ver extended for Raspberry Pi400
Sunday, July 17, 2022
Amibian is one of the best solutions for amiga on rpi.
you have modern amiga on your pi:)
the challenge with this distro, was preparing it for Pi400!
we used some additional methods to do this. but at the end, we were able to update the distro for Pi 400 ,
please check here:

Macintosh SE, Classic, Color Classic logic board cleaning and recapping service
Macintosh SE, Classic, Color Classic logic board cleaning and recapping service
Monday, July 11, 2022

recapping and logic board cleaning!

you need to check your boards( logic and analog) regularly.
the traces, capacitors, rust, leakage every year( you can not then every 2 years at least). especially your se, se/30, classic and claasicII, macinotsh II series should be checked.
we are offering the professional service for cleaning the board( with ultrasound bath) and recapping service.
please check here:
what you need to do is, to sent your board to us:)

linux on macintosh: mk-linux
linux on macintosh: mk-linux
Saturday, July 09, 2022

from wiki
"MkLinux (for Microkernel Linux) is an open-source software computer operating system begun by the Open Software Foundation Research Institute[1] and Apple Computer[2] in February 1996, to port Linux to the PowerPC platform, and Macintosh computers"

i am a loyal linux user, i would say advanced)
the most i like macintosh system is macOS 7.6.1 it is between older systems like 7.1-7.5.3 and macOS 8-9. you can transform your files progs apps etc. between them.
so what i need was a linux system which was working with macOS 7.6.1 and i made it:)
check here:
i am a "redhat" man) and i am still using this mkLinux distro !

Rhapsody os for PC computers :)
Rhapsody os for PC computers :)
Thursday, July 07, 2022

from wiki
"Rhapsody was the code name given to Apple Computer's next-generation operating system during the period of its development between Apple's purchase of NeXT in late 1996 and the announcement of Mac OS X (now called "macOS") in 1998. At first more than an operating system, Rhapsody represented a new strategy for Apple, who intended the operating system to run on x86-based PCs as well as on PowerPC-based Macintosh hardware"

so, we have operating system between openSTEP and MacOSX  era.
i made it for pc users with configured IDE to SD adapter. easy to use.
please check it:
i like the rhapsody os very much. it is so advanced and easy to use :)
silence with SD card.

MacOS Copland : Apple's Copland Project !
MacOS Copland : Apple's Copland Project !
Friday, July 01, 2022
from wiki:
"Copland is an operating system developed by Apple for Macintosh computers between 1994 and 1996 but never commercially released. It was intended to be released as System 8, and later, Mac OS 8. Planned as a modern successor to the aging System 7, Copland introduced protected memory, preemptive multitasking, and several new underlying operating system features, while retaining compatibility with existing Mac applications. Copland's tentatively planned successor, codenamed Gershwin, was intended to add more advanced features such as application-level multithreading"

so, copland was never released :)
it was not easy to install to a mac. gave lots of error during installation.
tried some other methods like, parallel connecting 2 different macintosh and install them simultaneously . at the end, I was amble to install .
please check here:
boot fast, works smoothly.
it has 2 OS:
macos 7.5.5 and  macos COPLAND !

interesting experience, worth to try :)

Unix on Macintosh : A/UX !
Unix on Macintosh : A/UX !
Wednesday, June 29, 2022

from wiki:
"A/UX is Apple Computer's Unix-based operating system for Macintosh computers, integrated with System 7's graphical interface and application compatibility. Launched in 1988 and discontinued in 1995 with version 3.1.1, it is Apple's first official Unix-based operating system.[2] A/UX requires select models of 68k-based Macintosh with an FPU and a paged memory management unit (PMMU), including the Macintosh II, SE/30, Quadra, and Centris series."

for unix solutions on early macintoshes, the best option is A/UX operationg system on Macintosh!
smooth using, full command on xterm and you can use it with Macintosh system 7 !

only the minus is, this OS is for limited Macs ( macintosh se, macintosh II and for some quadras)

please check this:
this is raw A/UX OS for macintosh se and macintosh II. tested . works perfectly.
it was hard to install to macintosh, some how it gave a lot of errors during installation, tried some other  floppy image files, at the end, I was able to create a hard drive.

please also check this one:
this one is a little bit tricky.
I tried to create n A/UX hard drive for "other macintoshes" like macintosh classic or classic II.
for this I used a " software fpu" and  tried to hack mac for recognizing it as macintosh II or macintosh se!
it works %50-%50 :)

in any case, I added this sell an another memory card for rescue the image file. if it does not work,
this card is reserve-rescue card.
while working on your A/UX system, possibly you will crash several times your hard drive memory card:)
on the other hand , you will  have a fully functioned Macintosh system 7.1 for your computer.

I think, it is worth to try !

Understanding PcMiga
Understanding PcMiga
Sunday, June 12, 2022

one of our best products in our store.
ready to use, plug & play.

carefully designed. based on legendary pimiga distro.
could be used as sd card, usb stick or ssd hard drive.

if you have an extra pc in your home, just turn it on to a modern amiga.
based on Ubuntu 16 which fits most of modern computers -even older ones.

includes all whdload games and tons of apps.

via usb stick, you can add your apps games.

beside amiga, you have fully operational Linux Ubuntu 16 :)

At first boot, because of different graphic card configurations, you may need to configure your screen mode, for this:

Choose Display Mode:
UAE:1366x768 32bit BGRA ( or some other options that best fits your computer)
then "use"
after beeing sure that it is your Display Mode,
please go to "ScreenMode" again and "save" your Display Mode!

<<Dont forget to read README file when you boot your Amiga>>

check here for the boot and shutdown sequence:

check here for PcMiga : Latest PcMiga

about safety and securty in our site
about safety and securty in our site
Thursday, May 19, 2022

as we have explained on previous entry, our site is a homebrew site.
but safety and security is priority for us.
so we are using strictly ssl certificate for our site.
as a main payment method, we use "paypal" which is secure and safe :)

about our site; connections servers etc.
about our site; connections servers etc.
Thursday, May 19, 2022

our web is not provided by server company or web provider, the server is  based on our office and yes; we use raspberry pi for this :)

so, the connection speed ( and connection itself) depend on our connections in office. we have 300mbs speed, it is plenty, but sometimes connection may not work correctly because of "internet provider" itself.

so, if you can not reach sometimes( it is very rare, but could happen) please don't be worried.  in couple of minutes( sometime maybe 30min-1hour) the connection will be reestablished.
sorry for this :)

some using tips related pimiga, amibian, pcmiga
some using tips related pimiga, amibian, pcmiga
Thursday, May 19, 2022

while using your retro computer emulator, like pistorm, amibian, pcmiga or even commodore 64 or Atari st, dot forget to turn of your computer( rpi) correctly. if not, you could damage your image file in memory card.

for correctly turn of your rpi( when you are on emulator) just check F keys, mostly f12 or f10 will work for dropping to menu. there you can find "exit" or "shutdown" button.
if f12 or f10 does not work, please check other f keys even esc key.

if you have a question about this, please ask us:

search page using
search page using
Saturday, May 14, 2022

we have a lot of items.

the key point is to find what you are looking for.

so we tried to make "search' option  more smarter.

first option is a regular search. just write the key word and "click" search button:
if you click button, the answers will be shown on next tab; if you press "enter key" the new mini pop-up page will be open and answers will be there.

if you use regular search, it will look for your keywords, so there could be a lot of answers for your search. could be hard to check all answers.

if you use smart search: "search with special keywords" it will be easier.

we put in all items page a special keyword for our search engine. we took the special keywords from our favorite movies/books like dune, the foundation, star wars etc.
to find out which special keywords linked which items, you need to check them on search page, please click "search page with special keywords"

for example, if you are looking for " amiga whdload items" , you just need to use keyword " obiwan" or, if you are looking for " macintosh hard drive solutions" you just need to use "gimli" keyword, that is it)

we hope you will like this method!

some infos about the new web design
some infos about the new web design
Saturday, May 14, 2022

we tried to make it as simple as we can. simple menus, simple item pages etc.
in the top menu, there are 2 drop-menus:
ready solutions>

ready solutions include all of our items by category.
extra menu is created based on most asked items/catagories.

at the bottom of the item pages, there is list of names-products-distros etc.
don't be confused:
these part for search engines)

don't forget to check news page regularly.

for shipping we are using regular air mail. for faster options, please contact us.

if there is any question about amiga-macintosh-rpi, don't hesitate, please ask.

for payment option, please check payment page if it fits for you or not.

for "searching an item", I will open an another entry)

first message
first message
Saturday, May 14, 2022

redesign of our website finished,
all items added. some seo and metatags works left. should be finished in a week.
could be some broken links, errors on the site. if you discover/find out, please inform)

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