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Macintosh SE, Classic, Color Classic logic board cleaning and recapping service

Macintosh SE, Classic, Color Classic logic board cleaning and recapping service
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Apple Macintosh SE- SE30, classic, classic II, Color classic, Mac 128k, 512k, Mac Plus
Logic Board & Analog Board cleaning and Re-Capping Service

please read carefully;

this listing is include:

-cleaning the logic board in ultrasonic bath
-recapping (we prefer to use aluminium capacitors for best and long life results)
-recap components
-return shipping

total price for this service is 98 usd

after that, we clean the board, make the recap and sending back to you the board with track no. (5-7 days for cleaning and recapping)

we can also check the traces, we can repair them with extra payment
if you have different logic board, please ask for recapping!
for restoration and trace repairing, please send us the photos of board to get price!
( Check photos for our works)
this listing is only service, does not include the board, computer etc!
please check for other macintosh solutions like scsi hard drives, scsi adapters, mac0S, macintosh systems etc on  my amigapple items :)

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