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Amiga 1200-3000-4000-CD32 iGame WHDLoad/Games Latest!!
32GB SD -  CF Card for KS 3.1 - 3.2

Order Variations :
Download Preloaded image file only, not pysical shipping:
Price :
32 gb preloaded SD Card , shipping via airmail:
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32 gb preloaded CF Card, shipping via airmail:
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Amiga 1200-3000-4000-CD32 WHDLoad/Games Latest!
32GB SD -  CF Card for KS 3.1 - 3.2

AMIGA 1200, Amiga 3000, Amiga 4000 and CD32
comes with whdload 18.9!
iGame v2.1
multi purpose, fits all of these computers.

tested on:

A3000- 3.2 rom, 2+8 mb ram

A1200- 3.2 rom, 2+8 mb ram

A4000-3.2 rom, 2+8 mb ram

A4000T-3.2 rom, 2+8 mb ram

CD32- 3.2 rom, 2+8 mb ram

full whdload Games!
full iGame :)

check photos for progs apps:)

for other configurations and systems, please check for my other listings.

Before bidding or buying my items if you have questions please ask !

You might get different cf card brand , whatever i have available !!!

This card is formatted, partitioned and full of games and utils.
It is loaded with masses of software and games for your Amiga .

Some other setups may advertise more games but this setup has removed all duplicates . perfect simple amiga solution :)

Games + Applications + Utils

-please note memory card is required to work-  min 4 MB; 8MB RECOMMENDED .

be informed:  If your software games crash   ( Whdload )  this is because of incorrect formatting of drive or your memory card not set correctly or wrong kickstart rom.

Please look for my other offers for different capacities SD cards and for different Kickstarts.

this listing has 3 different options for ordering. please choose best option for you:

Download Preloaded image file only, not pysical shipping
-Amiga preloaded SD Card, shipping via airmail
-Amiga preloaded CF Card, shipping via airmail

For shipping details, please check Shipping Page
For other payment options, please check Payment Page
For Store Policy please check Policy Page
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Email me :-)



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