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Tandy OS CoCo-Pi OS 64gb for Raspberry Pi 3-4-400

Tandy OS CoCo-Pi OS 64gb for Raspberry Pi 3-4-400
Order Variations :
Download Preloaded image file only, not pysical shipping:
Price :
64gb preloaded microSD Card , shipping via airmail:
Price :
Item Description:

Tandy OS CoCo-Pi OS 64gb for Raspberry Pi 3-4-400

Exclusive Tandy OS for
pi 3-4-400 Computers

this listing includes:
1 pcs. 64 gb microSD Card or image file
ready to boot preloaded OS
plug& play

with a full desktop environment, distributed on a bootable media, raspberry pi os. uses amibian ,based on linux.
It's based on Linux, a lightweight, efficient and flexible open-source
operating system,
includes all tandy oses :)

CoCo-Pi allows you to emulate a variety of computers in the Color Computer family, including the original TRS-80 Color Computers 1 & 2, The Tandy Color Computer 3, The TRS-80 Micro Color Computer 10 (MC-10), The Dragon family of computers.

this listing has 2 different options for ordering. please choose best option for you:

Download Preloaded image file only, not physical shipping
-64 microSD Card, shipping via airmail

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